How to make the most stylish look with NeckMace

Safety comes first, looks second. NeckMace makes sure we provide both at the same time. From our female editors and employees, we collected some tips on how they make the most stylish look out of NeckMace. Hope they will inspire you!

Layer Necklaces

Add another pendant right next to NeckMace or add another chain to enrich the look. Combine different necklaces styles: geometric shapes, pearls or beads. Pay attention to the length of the necklaces as well! We recommend you to make the NeckMace the longest one as you can target the potential attacker when you need to.

Double or triple bracelets

Just like necklaces, you can also play around with bracelets and match them with other stylish items. The simple look of NeckMace bracelets goes best with leather belts and all kinds of watches. Multiply the fun.

Match necklaces with bracelets

Unity is always the basis of any style. The best way to present your consistence in fashion is to match your accessories. The good news is NeckMace has a big family to help you accomplish your look. Also, it is better to prepare two NeckMace just in case you have some emergencies. You can shop the line of the jewelry here.

Stay Slay!

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