Do I need to charge the battery?

No, you will not have to charge your battery and face the burden of carrying an extra accessory with you at all times! NeckMace batteries are built to be long lasting for a guaranteed year and up to two years depending on the usage. As soon as the pendant’s battery starts to run low, the NeckMace app will notify you to replace your pendant for a low price available in our shop online.

Is the pendant waterproof?

Yes, the pendant is water and sweat resistant in the case that you take your NeckMace jewelry on any outdoor adventures! Furthermore, we have improved the water resistance to withstand an estimated 15 minutes at 6 feet depth.

How will my contacts get notified of my emergency?

After you press the pendant button twice, the pendant immediately sends a text message to your emergency contacts, alerting them that you are in an emergency with your GPS location. NeckMace also provides emergency contacts with an additional text message if the mace compartment is used.

Do I need to have my cellphone on me?

Yes, all of our NeckMace products use Bluetooth to pair the pendant and smartphone together. The smartphone can as far away as 50 feet away from the pendant to stay connected.

Is there a way to test the emergency alert?

Yes! Within the NeckMace app, you can find the “Test Alert” feature under “Settings” to test the system and make sure that everything has been set up correctly. Using the “Test Alert” feature will send out the emergency notifications to the intended contacts as well as any additional notifications for the mace compartment usage without alerting 911 dispatchers.